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Food – Storage – What to Buy

This gets a little complex because we talk about so many situations. So, I’ll have to break it down in sections.

UPDATE: Emergency rations are on HEAVY back-order. See info HERE

First, what out body needs.
Remember, our body needs Water, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, etc…
They all serve a purpose. However, if we are using a LOT of energy then we want to “tune our diet” to provide more fuel.  This would be carbohydrates.  But if we are REALLY in an emergency situation we really don’t have to worry too much about having that “perfect diet”.  We just want a balance of carbs and proteins. Keeping in mind that just eating LEAN MEAT, is not good for long term health.  Sometimes known as Rabbit Starvation

Remember this quote…
“A male 19–30 years of age undertaking 60 minutes of moderate exercise (e.g. brisk walking while hunting), requires 3000 kcal/day.”

So, when planning foods and meals is different for short term vs. long term needs.

If you had to hold out for 6 months, or longer, I would pack mostly DRY CARBS, or canned carbs that also contained protein. (Beans, Rice, Pasta)  You could always hunt and fish for protein. However finding decent CARBS in the winter months is very difficult.  Also, these tend to be lighter than proteins. (weight)

Short term is rather easy. (Also includes our MEP’s)
If you wanted to, you could easily survive on nothing but breakfast / cereal bars and a few cans of chili with meat and beans inside. It’s plenty to keep you going for a week or two, and trust me, I’ve eaten some nasty crap in the field.

MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) are good, however they can get pricey and not always that tasty. (These are probably the best if you want them MRE’s ) If you have ever spent anytime in the “field” or know a serviceman that has, they know the NEW ones are pretty good.

Note… On the NEXT PAGE, I will show you one of the BEST companies for buying long term storable food that is “just add water” gourmet meals.  They are awesome!

Let’s break away for a minute…
I am going to get a little deeper on this subject, but for right now I have a job for you.
I want you to go to your pantry and find a shelf, or find a closet nearby that has room. Now, next time you go shopping, and your buying things like rice, pasta, beans, canned goods, etc… BUY DOUBLE.
Take the double goods and put them into your new “safe place”.
Do this for the next few weeks. This is how I started.
After several weeks, you’ll notice something.  If rationed well, you have enough food to sustain your family for 2 months. It really is amazing how easy it is.
It’s almost comical, because after a while it becomes fun. Try it, even it for one or two weeks.

Where to store food, some tips.
Most people think that storing food in the pantry, closet or basement is the only choice. I would like to add one more. Mobile storage units. (Fancy name for a simple thought.) I have several coolers on wheels that contain a variety of foods. I can label them place food inside and they seal up nicely keeping mice and bugs out.  You can find large ones on sale for about $29. They make loading food FAST and easy. If you store food for a long time that goes unchecked, you would hate to open it up when you need it, and find it full of mice.

Where can you buy long term store-able food?
We’ll show you on the NEXT PAGE >>>




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