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Communications During Crisis

One thing  people forget about is simply making a phone call. I guess we assume that our I-Phones and cell phones will always work. Guess what? It takes POWER to run all those 220,000 cell towers in the US.  So, when a storm, earthquake or crisis happens, the power goes and so do cell towers.  The same with most phone lines and phones.

Did you think of that?
Probably not like most people. So, I will suggest two things.

1) Buy a NON-electric home phone. Look around at your house and see if you can find a phone that isn’t “plugged in” to an outlet. 99% of the phones sold today in the US are powered by outlets. Get an old one and keep it around.
You can get one here: AT&T Phone

2) If you have the MEANS, and budget is not a concern I would suggest getting a satellite phone. (See below) I have one of these for our hiking trips. We go to the mountains backpacking for several days. No cell towers around us on many occasions. What if we get hurt? Sit and wait until we are 4 days overdue? No, pull out the satellite phone and make a short emergency call.

Satellite phones use to be 5-8 thousand dollars. Now they can purchased for around the 600 -- 900 range. These are usually emergency phones and come with about 60 minutes of call time that is good for a year. You can also upgrade if needed.


We have linked the image below to where you can buy them from a reliable source. West Marine. Just click the phone and you’ll see it on their website.

Inmarsat Isatphone Pro To Go Kit Green

Also, we found this video.
Great for foreign travel as well.
(Starts off with a “happy tune” don’t you think?)



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